Episode 30: Hypertrophy Training: Why Your Arms are NOT Growing

At some point we all dream of 20 Inch plus arms, but we are not all blessed in the gun show department. In this episode of J3 University, Luke and I cover hypertrophy training surrounding bicep and tricep development. We address issues around bicep and tricep training including chronic injuries. Selecting exercises based on your structure and ability to move. Our top exercise choices for each muscle group and what split design to program to bring up arms.


Episode Intro- 00:00:24

Physique assessment- 00:02:35

Addressing issues within Bicep training/exercise selection- 00:05:54

Arm path position for bicep movements- 00:12:52

Log Book Progression- 00:17:59

Addressing issues within Tricep training/exercise selection- 00:21:05

Arm Programming- 00:34:28

Adding in a dedicated Arm Day- 00:40:20

Episode Wrap Up- 00:47:28

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