Episode 36: Victoria Felkar: Optimizing Female Hormones and Deploying PEDs

In this episode of J3 University, Luke and I are joined by Victoria Felkar, PhD(c) to
discuss female PED use in physique competition. The conversation starts with knowing
when you menstrual cycle is “healthy” and why that is important for health and
physique. When moving into the enhanced realm how do we protect females from
unwanted side effects. What does this mean for PED use and common myths
surrounding PEDs for females. If you coach women this is a must listen.


Introducing Victoria Felkar- 00:00:14
Baseline assessment, where to start?- 00:07:12
Healthy Menstrual Cycle and Myth Busting- 00:14:59
Cycle Tracking, Basal Body Temp and Labs- 00:26:25
Menstrual Cycle for effect management of progress/PEDs- 00:29:01
Importance of Estrogen & Progesterone for the healthiest future possible- 00:33:20
Baseline Fundamentals for Health- 00:40:58
Protective safe guards- 00:51:03
Non-androgenic routes- 01:01:49
Physique Sport Timeline, it’s a long game- 01:05:05
What is ok for female androgen/PED use?- 01:10:54
Myth Busting, What male coaches don’t know- 01:22:19
Where to find Victoria Felkar- 01:42:10
Website: https://www.victoriafelkar.com
Facebook: Victoria Felkar
Instagram: @victoriafelkar
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCA3XgGNLfreKdCn6S0NUuRg
Email: victoria@victoriafelkar.com

Episode Available On: YouTube, Spotify, Google Play, iTunes
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