Episode 43: Joseph Pircher: Creating the Perfect Contest Prep

In this episode of J3 University, Luke and I are joined by coach Joseph Pircher to discuss how he has evolved his contest prep approach. Bodybuilding prep can be grueling, and nothing is worse than missing the mark on stage after working so hard. Joseph covers all the big points that really turned his prep process around for himself and his clients.


Realizing the process needed to change- 00:01:67

The Pre-Prep Process- 00:07:21

Client/Coach Communication- 00:10:36

Self-Awareness as a client- 00:14:35

Asking Questions as a client and knowing the ‘Why’- 00:20:49

Variable Management and Decision Making- 00:26:11

Client/Coach Collaboration- 00:33:19

Bodybuilding and Relationships- 00:35:34

Creating a growth environment- 00:46:38

Where to find Joseph- 00:50:23

Instagram- @j.pirch
Coaching- https://j3university.com/j3u-coaching/

Episode Available On: YouTube, Spotify, Google Play, iTunes

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