Episode 46: Take Your Pick, Babies or Bodybuilding!

In this episode of J3 University, Luke and I discuss maintaining fertility in bodybuilding. Moving into the realm of enhanced fertility can be sacrificed. We cover what protocols might be in place to preserve fertility and make decisions based on your goals and priorities. PCT comes into discussion and our thoughts might go against the grain.

Deploying drugs, an HRT perspective- 00:01:16
HCG, what’s the idea behind it? – 00:03:55
Restoring Fertility in steroid users- 00:06:04
Using HCG when on cycle- 00:11:55
Prioritizing Fertility OR Bodybuilding, you can’t have both- 00:15:17
Bringing natural test levels back? – 00:19:28
PCT timeline, The Haarlem Study – 00:24:47
Having a conversation with your doctor – 00:27:09
AI and SERMS – 00:29:35

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