Coaches: Help your female clients win shows with our tried-and-true framework specifically for female competitors.

This course is the resource needed to coach females to a higher level of competitiveness and managing long term health

Females can not be coached like men and their uniqueness can make physique goals a challenge running into several problems:

More difficulty losing body fat = missing the mark on preps.
Easier to gain body fat = leaving offseason harder to diet from.
Slower to gain muscle = unproductive off-seasons.
Hormone dysfunction is common = problematic for physique goals.
Limited and incorrect information for females on Supplement and PEDS = High risk of side effects.
Virilisation is the most significant risk for female PED users we need a harm reduction strategy in place for our competitors.
Excessive dieting leaves the female physique in physical and mental disarray.

What do we do about these challenges?

In this course you will understand the female body and when to implement strategies for nutrition, training, health and PEDs into an offseason and contest prep to overcome any issue that a female physique can present. 

Whether Bikini, Wellness, Figure, WPD, Fitness or Bodybuilding, this course will apply to all divisions and address unique aspects of each.

What you'll learn in the Female Module

Instant access to 13 self-paced lectures, each 45-60 min in length.

Female Physiology/Endocrinology

Lesson 1

  • Females are not small men, our coaching practice should reflect that.

  • Overview of what comprises the female reproductive system.

  • What hormones are involved with the process and how do they influence the process?

  • Detailed walk through of Menses from Day 1 to day 28

  • Why this matters as a coach?

Birth Control

Lesson 2

  • What is and how does birth control work

  • What are the various types of birth control

  • What is birth control commonly used for

  • How does birth control effect the hormonal profile

  • How does birth control impact muscle gain and fat loss

  • How does birth control impact overall health

  • Ideal choices for birth control for physique competitors

  • How to work around low testosterone

  • How and when to stop using hormonal birth control

  • What the implications of concomitant use of PEDs and birth control

  • Aspects to coaching clients on birth control

Menstrual Cycle Dysfunction

Lesson 3

  • What are the main issues we run into that modify the hormonal profiles of females?

  • Brief groundwork of the benefits we can see for clients

  • What are the various presentations of these issues.

  • Premature Menopausal Symptoms and Menopause
    Hypothalamic Amenorrhea
    HRT Practices
    Thyroid Axis issues (HPA-Axis down regulation)

  • As Coaches, what are we able to do in order to positively impact these hormonal profile issues;
    Understand how to identify these issues
    Work with practitioners to optimize practice in solving problems.

  • How can these hormonal issues impact overall health, overall progress, and why this matters?

  • What is the best way to go about HRT for females.

Gut Health

Lesson 4

  • Understand the Role of the GI tract and Microbiome

  • How females GI function differs and Why

  • How the gut will manage estrogen

  • How do we define “good” gut health

  • Address common GI complaints of gas, bloating and constipation

  • Differences in food intolerance, allergy and sensitivity

  • How to manage Irritable Bowel Syndrome

  • How to manage gastroesophageal reflux
    Gut health misconceptions

  • What to do for optimizing gut health


Lesson 5

  • Why the thyroid matters

  • Thyroid lab interpretation

  • Addressing thyroid dysfunction in contest prep

  • Managing exogenous thyroid in contest prep and offseason

  • Thyroid impact on skeletal muscle

  • Hashimoto’s disease and what to do

Hypertrophy Training Female Divisions

Lesson 6

  • Goal of Program Design: Progression over time

  • Basic Tenets of program design

  • What Drives Hypertrophy?

  • Understanding Class Requirements

  • Assessment of the Clients Movement Capacity

  • Addressing common presentations

  • Different Structural Presentation

  • Class Specific Programming
    Womens Bodybuilding

  • Mapping it out for the client.

PED's Part 1 Framework

Lesson 7

  • What is the main risk for females using PEDs?

  • How should we monitor risk for females?

  • What is the timeline and framework for female PED use?

  • What are all non androgenic PEDs a female can use and how can they be used?

  • What natural ergogenic, muscle building and fat loss supplements can we use?

  • What does year one of PED use look like for a beginner?

PED's Part 2 Testosterone

Lesson 8

  • Why is Testosterone the starting androgen for females?

  • What should a natural female Testosterone level be at?

  • How much Exogenous Testosterone keeps a female within physiological norms?

  • How well does Testosterone build muscle and what are the side effects?

  • Do we have long term safety data on Testosterone usage ?

  • How does Testosterone fit within our framework?

PED's Part 3 Androgenic

Lesson 9

  • Do AAS accrue muscle tissue the same?

  • Do AAS differ in side effects for females?

  • Which AAS are female friendly?

  • Which AAS are higher risk and to be avoided?

  • How should a female administer AAS?

  • How long is a cycle durations of AAS and starting doses?

  • How to assess the success of your AAS cycle?

  • How to manage client situations and the upper limits of female AAS use

PED's Part 4 Estrogen

Lesson 10

  • Is modulating estrogen helping or hurting physiques?

  • What does lowering estrogen do for muscle and adipose metabolism?

  • How does estrogen and progesterone impact fluid balance?

  • What are estrogen levels on contest prep?

  • Identifying root issues of fat loss stalls or water retention?

  • How to address water retention?

  • Should we ever use an Aromatase Inhibitor or

  • Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator?

  • How to troubleshoot acne?

  • How to troubleshoot hair loss/shedding?

  • How to address voice change?

Contest Prep

Lesson 11

  • Why are competitors NOT getting in shape?

  • What are the challenges to prepping females?

  • A successful prep starts with the pre-prep phase

  • What body fat level does each division require?

  • What is your body fat currently at?

  • Setting up the correct contest prep timeline

  • Setting up the calorie deficit with nutrition and exercise

  • Decision making for fat loss stalls

  • What to do about refeeds and diet breaks?

  • Should nutrition be modified for the menstrual cycle?

  • When to use which PEDs?

Peak Week

Lesson 12

  • Physiology & Flawed Practice

  • Linear Carb Load

  • Show Day Adjustments

  • Holding the Look

  • Back Loading

  • Peak Week Training

  • PED's & Supplements Peak Week

Off Season: Phases of Muscle Gain

Lesson 13

  • Overview of a Successful Off Season

  • Needs Analysis

  • Prep Recovery

  • Metrics for Tracking

  • Push Phase

  • Hold/Transition Phase

  • Mini-Cut

  • Fat Loss During Off Season

  • PED Progression

Female Lab Interpretation


90 min deep dive into a female competitor lab results.

Covering everything you need to know for most of the serum lab markers you are going to come across coaching female clients.

Meet Your Educators

John Jewett

J3U Founder & Educator
MS, RD, IFBB Pro, 3x Olympian
12 Years Coaching Experience NPC/IFBB

Luke Miller

J3U Educator 
Owner of No Switch Fitness
M.S, CSCS, PSL2, NPC Bodybuilder
7 Years Coaching Experience NPC/IFBB

Maria Allen


When you complete this course you will..

Have a full understanding of female physiology and hormones relevant to the physique competitor.
Be able to assess and troubleshoot common hormone disruptors and their impact to competitors.
Assess and design training programs specific to each female division.
Know how to progressively deploy PEDs in females and risk mitigation during competitive years and for life after competition.
Create a contest prep framework to bring females in shape to shows.
Structure an off season approach to maximize muscle gain and minimize body fat.

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Female Lab Interpretation

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90 min deep dive into a female competitor lab results.

Covering everything you need to know for most of the serum lab markers you are going to come across coaching female clients.



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Frequently asked questions

When will I get access to the course?

You get instant access to the entire course.

Do I have to follow the lessons in order?

No, you get instant access to the entire course and can start any module or lesson in any sequence.

Do you have subtitles? Additional Languages?

Yes! All of the lessons have subtitles in English, Spanish & Hindi

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On average it takes 30 days to complete the entire course.

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Yes, the J3University app is available on both iOS and Android.

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Yes! All students have access to the student forums. VIP students get a live video call with John to ask questions face to face.

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