Episode 48: Nick Gloff: My 800lbs Squat Ruined My Prep

In this episode of J3 University, Luke and I are joined by coach Nick Gloff.

Nick is an incredible strong bodybuilder and with that comes the high priority of fatigue management.

Nick gives us takes aways for managing training volume, exercise choices, and deloading to create a contest prep that leads to stage condition.

Nicks 35-week prep- 00:12:17
Where Nicks first prep went wrong- 00:07:03
Sleep issues and Circadian Rhythms- 00:14:08
Assessment: Digging in prep or Overtraining? – 00:19:40
Training changes made: Managing fatigue and making improvements- 00:25:07
Deloading- 00:36:46
Cardiovascular Activity- 00:42:45
Managing output and fatigue- 00:48:49
Upcoming Seminar- 00:54:26
Body Con-Location and Date TBA
Where to find Nick- 00:55:31

Instagram: @nickgloff
YouTube: Nick Gloff
Website: www.teamgloff.com
Episode Available On:
YouTube, Spotify, Google Play, iTunes

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