Episode 49: Sam Miller: Taking Care of the Competitor Gut

In this episode of J3 University, Luke and I are joined by coach and educator Sam Miller. Luke and I deal with many GI issues in clients and what many don’t know is this can impact your thyroid and hormone levels causing a suboptimal contest prep condition. Sam take us through how these
problems arise, how to assess for them, and what are strategies to use to resolve them.

Introducing Sam Miller, Metabolism School- 00:00:15
The initial client assessment – 00:04:20
How often do you see true Gut/Thyroid Issues? – 00:08:22
The ‘Perfect Storm’ Client Case – 00:16:22
Tracking Labwork for the female competitor – 00:20:59
Stress, Gut Health and Thyroid – 00:25:14
Trouble Shooting micronutrient deficiencies – 00:28:55
Managing Sleep and TDEE – 00:39:35
Advanced testing for gut issues – 00:49:09
Where to find Sam – 00:58:48

Instagram- @sammillerscience
Website- www.sammillersciecne.com
Podcast- Sam Miller Science

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YouTube, Spotify, Google Play, iTunes

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