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You've beasted your way through months of sweat and grind, dieting and crafting your physique. But wait – are you letting it all crumble with a shaky pose under the stage lights? DON'T!

In the rigorous world of competitive bodybuilding, every edge counts.

Months, if not years, of meticulous training and dedication have brought you here. But even the most incredible physique can fall short with flawed presentation.

This isn't just about flexing – it's about mastering your presentation.

A meticulously crafted curriculum by industry-leading experts, tailored for athletes serious about perfection.

This course isn't merely about aesthetics; it's a deep study into the anatomy, biomechanics, and joint positions that underpin every pose.

Empower yourself with knowledge – understand the intricacies of each pose, its how, its why, its science.

Do you remember that last gut-wrenching moment you stepped on stage? Under those unforgiving lights, shaky legs betraying all that hard work?

You try to shake off the doubt, hoping nobody notices.

Fast forward a few days, and BAM! Those $300 stage shots slap you in the face with the undeniable truth: your posing needed work.

You look stellar, but those poses? YIKES!

Our Precision Posing course is more than a guide; it's a comprehensive resource for you to showcase your physique on stage.

30 day no questions asked money back guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied for any reason, we will refund you same day.

Dive into our step-by-step video tutorials & immerse yourself in the art & science of perfect posing.

30+ Lessons, Over 2 Hours of Video Instruction


10 Principles

Posing Activation 

Front Relaxed

Side Relaxed

Rear Relaxed

Front Double

Front Lat Spread

Ab and Thigh

Side Chest

Side Triceps

Back Double 

Back Lat Spread

Most Muscular

Stage Presence

Energy Conservation

Posing Programming Schedule

Check on Learning



Alternate Poses

Building a Routine

Tips for Coaches



Precision Posing Case Studies

Josh Archer

Josh is a former men’s physique competitor that wanted to try his hand at classic physique. At 9 weeks out, Josh began refining his posing at just the right time. As we look at the image you can infer that this before and after was captured within a single session. In the left photo Josh has very little taper to his physique and his biceps are flattened out due to the positioning of his wrists. By implementing a hip shift and a vacuum we were able to address the lack of taper and by posing the action of the biceps (wrist and forearm supination) we were able to take a lackluster front double and give it the potential to be a classic masterpiece.

When I sent this side-by-side over to Josh after the session all he could say was, “Damn! That is so much better!” Sometimes less is more.

In the J3U Precision Posing Course you will learn all of the strategies you can apply to elevate a physique. This includes when to implement a hip shift and a vacuum just like we did with Josh.

Ian Hook

Ian came to me two weeks out from his first ever competition (cutting it close am I right?). Ian had somewhat of an understanding of what his poses should look like but in practice, he needed a lot of help.

Let's take a look at his side chest (left). As you can see Ian is overextended in the abdomen, is lacking sufficient rotation and has a severe anterior pelvic tilt. By applying the methods taught in the J3U Precision Posing Course we were able to adjust Ian’s side chest in no time at all. More importantly we were able to take a pose that was severely lacking and elevate it to become one of his better poses.

Here is what Ian had to say, “At two weeks out I was pretty brain dead. Daniel’s methods and teaching style allowed me to easily digest the cues and instruction that he gave me. My side chest was a pose I was very concerned with initially and thanks to him, I was able to hit it with confidence on the stage.”

Jabe Martin

Jabe is a seasoned competitor in the classic physique division. I actually competed with Jabe back in 2022. This is Jabe at 13 weeks out from Nationals. Although Jabe is incredibly experienced and has placed very well in previous shows, he had never been exposed to the techniques taught within the J3U Precision Posing Course.

Here we have a side-by-side of Jabe’s rear relaxed pose. In the left image Jabe’s shoulders are rolled forward and his neck is flexed. This flattens out all of his upper back musculature, makes him lose density and just all together smooths him out.

Once we applied the necessary adjustments to Jabe’s rear relaxed such as having him stand tall with his chin and chest up and head back we were able to elevate Jabe’s rear relaxed and make it a respectable pose. Here is what Jabe had to say about his experience going through the curriculum found in the J3U Precision Posing Course.

“I thought I had a pretty good handle on posing. In the past I had placed well in shows and didn’t really see the need to invest in an outsider's perspective, other than my coach, when it came to posing. However, after learning from Daniel and witnessing the visible changes in this pose alone, I was sold on the teaching methods that Daniel has.”

Patrick Ennis

Let’s take a look at Patricks side relaxed pose. As you can see, this shot is all jacked up! His knees are bent, his hips are back and his abdomen is extended.

Now look at Patrick’s side relaxed after applying the methods taught in the J3U Precision Posing course. This wasn’t overnight, you can obviously see the changes in body composition certainly helped in this case, but if you pay attention to his alignment and positioning the pose is vastly improved.

"I can't express how grateful I am for Daniel and his instruction. He is able to take a complicated topic like biomechanics and make it easy to understand and better yet, apply!

When I started with him, I felt like a baby deer. My hips were always off and I could never get my abs to pop.

Thanks to his step by step instruction, Daniel helped me to conceptualize what each pose is aiming to accomplish which eventually helped make the whole process easier.

I couldn't be happier with my decision."

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I firmly believe that our posing course will exceed your expectations. However, I want you to feel absolutely confident in your decision to purchase today. That's why I stand behind our 30-day money-back guarantee. I want you to have ample time to experience the full benefits of our program and see the remarkable results it can bring.

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When will I get access to the course?

You get instant access to the entire course.

Do I have to follow the lessons in order?

No, you get instant access to the entire course and can start any module or lesson in any sequence.

Do you have subtitles? Additional Languages?

Yes! All of the lessons have subtitles in English, Spanish & Hindi

How long do I have access to the content?

For life! You will keep your access as long as J3University is up and running.

How long does it take to complete the course?

On average it takes between 60 & 90 days to complete the entire course.

Can I download the lessons?

Yes you can download them in the app to keep on your phone. 

Do you have an app?

Yes, the J3University app is available on both iOS and Android.

Can I ask John a specific question?

Yes! All students have 1 month free access to the student forums. VIP students get a live video call with John to ask questions face to face.