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This module is for you to learn how to optimize training for yourself and your clients by giving you the tools to assess abilities, troubleshoot common problems, optimize lift choice and learn how to execute to get the most stimulus out of every rep and set performed.

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Finding the OPTIMAL lift for YOU starts with understanding muscle function, how to apply that within your abilities and choosing the movement that allows you to execute and get the most out of every rep. You will discover for EVERY Muscle;

Finding the OPTIMAL lift for YOU starts with understanding muscle function, how to apply that within your abilities and choosing the movement that allows you to execute and get the most out of every rep. You will discover for EVERY Muscle;

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This is the classroom teaching on the nuts and bolts to programming for hypertrophy prior to us heading into the gym. We teach what is the main driver of hypertrophy on the fiber level and how that impacts what we do in the gym. We outline the main tenants for a well designed hypertrophy program (sets, reps, split, etc) and get into a framework of why a body part is weak and what we will do about it.


We won’t leave you pigeon chested in this module, but start strutting like a full blown rooster. Luke and I both hear many issues around Pec training, from not feeling the pecs to injuries and so much of this can be solved with proper alignment and setting what is YOUR active range of motion. We will lay out how to assess a client's rib cage structure and expansion to give the right pressing angles for the entire curricular and sternal pec fibers. Presses and Flyes here we come!


Every division, male or female, needs some level of cannonball capped delts. The shoulder is complex with such a large range of mobility and function. We take you through overhead pressing, lateral raises, and rear delt work to fully develop all heads of the delts. Some common issues addressed are lack of mobility, military pressing overhead, shoulder impingement, and traps taking over laterals, we got you covered here.


In quad training, a squat pattern is going to be the main staple in our program to reach anti skinny jean status. We teach how to set up a squat for output and biasing quad involvement. Also, we cover when to move to variations such as safety bar, smith, pendulum and hack squat along with common problems arising in squat patterns. Leg Press will be another exercise in the arsenal and picking the right leg press set up to bias quad involvement is key. Leg extension seems straightforward, however we will show the best alignment to get the most out of it, and finally, we cover single leg squat variations that are quad biased and how to include these in your program.


Nothing like a side chest pose and making those hamstrings hang to your calves. Ladies we got you covered too, face the curtain and mouths will drop at that hamstring tie in. Whether it's a seated or lying leg curl we teach how to get in position to generate the most tension stimulus in your hamstrings and take out the lower back from taking over. Then we tackle the big question, of which hip hinge to do? Sumo Deadlift, Conventional Deadlift, Stiff Leg Deadlift or Romanian Deadlift we break them all down and give you the application you need.


Whether the goal is an apple bottom or striated walnut ass, you better know how to set up for glute training. Many don’t achieve those striated glutes, not from lack of conditioning, but lack of development. We dive into our main stays for glute programming and take you through to get the most out of your hip thrust variation and how to squat and hip hinge for glutes.


(TERES MAJOR, TRAPS, RHOMBOIDS, REAR DELTS) The upper back is a huge focal point in a rear double bicep, we want thick mountain-like 3D muscularity that jumps out at the judges. Many issues we see is that clients are unaware of which row or pull down is training which part of the back. In the gym lecture, we walk through row and pull down patterns to focus on the upper back along with a shrug pattern different from most we see utilized in programming.


In lat training, alignment and appropriate exercise selection are going to be the keys to success when it comes to developing barn door backs with lats that sweep the floor. In this module, we teach you where we will be able to drive the most tension through the lat, what exercise choices allow most bodybuilders to best drive mechanical tension, and common problems we see arise in lat based patterns. From pull downs, to rows, to pullovers, we walk you through how to set up, execute, and progress your lat training over time.


The eye is drawn to the core in your front poses on stage. A well chiseled midsection is not only made in the kitchen, but many of us require hypertrophy to occur for the rectus abdominis muscles. We also want to train the functional aspect of bracing and force transfer to get more out of all our other exercises. We breakdown some common misconceptions around abdominal training and go through upper and lower abdominal work. Also how to vacuum to get suck those organs into your rib cage on stage and shrink the waist. Don’t worry, no waist trainer needed in his gym class!


Biceps are such a defining muscle group for muscularity “how big are your biceps?!” We all strive to surpass the 20” python mark, but we must first nail down the curls with the biggest bang for the buck. We walk through traditional dumbbell curls, preacher curls, and cable curls, but use alignment, execution techniques that optimize each set you do and best of all keep your joints healthy.


Want that tricep horseshoe to become Clydesdale status instead of a miniature pony? We cover push downs, dips, skull crusher variations, and pressing variations to make that happen. We both have struggled with nagging wrist and elbow pain, which can be resolved by finding the right positions to work in and using set up that keep the joints from reaching compromising end ranges.


This can be one tricky muscle for most to grow and many just throw in the towel and pull the genetics card out. Not so fast! Calves just like any muscle group respond to the same tenants of hypertrophy and in this lecture we go through how to align and give you the right cues to bring up calves. We also don’t neglect the ever so forgotten anterior tibialis muscle giving you a set up for a fully equipped lower limb.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I do the course in any order?

Yes! You get instant access to all 12 lessons and can either start from the beginning and work your way through or pick and choose the order of lessons that suites you best.

Is there an app I can use?

Yes! There is both an iPhone iOS app and Android app, both are available in the app stores.

Can I download the videos to use offline?

Yes! You can download all the videos in the app to watch anytime offline.

What if I have questions during the course?

You have direct access to John & Luke in the forums on the website and the app. You can ask any questions you have and John or Luke will reply personally.

What if I don't like the course?

If you are not 100% satisfied for any reason at all, you can email me personally John@J3university.com and I will refund you no questions asked.

How many hours of content are there?

There is over 10 hours of video instructions and education across 12 lessons.

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