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J3University, Where evidence meets observation in the field of practice to deliver show winning clients

We are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality bodybuilding coaching education available, and have built J3U based on years of experience competing at the very highest level, peer-reviewed literature, observation in the field of practice, and individual needs/preferences.

This is the reason this site came into existence and likely why you are here even reading this.

You are asking how can I get better?

How do my clients get better?

J3U is more than just a collection of lectures - it's a dynamic, interactive learning experience where we will have open lines of communication through our student forums to empower you to become the best coach or athlete you can be.

Join us at the best education platform in the game. Let's make coaching better for everyone!

J3U Courses

Level 2 J3U-PC Opens March 3rd

Apply the theory with real life competitor client case study examples that will challenge you and develop your decision making process as a coach.

Level 1

A comprehensive framework for physique coaching, equipping our students with all the tools and knowledge necessary to become a top-level coach.

Female Module

Coaches: Help your female clients win shows with our tried-and-true framework specifically for female competitors.

Unlock Your Muscle-Building Potential with ultimate course for coaches & bodybuilders who demand the best from their training.

Precision Posing

Where Art Meets Science: Precision Posing CourseDon't just flex - master your presentation and showcase your physique.