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Why Enroll in J3U Level 2?

This program offers an unparalleled, hands-on learning experience, designed to empower you with the specialized knowledge and practical skills needed to achieve optimal results for your clients in physique competitions.

Real-Life Case Studies: Apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios through 14 detailed case studies, covering the full spectrum of a competitor's journey from offseason to post-show.
Expert-Led Curriculum: Learn from seasoned coaches, Luke and John, who have proven track records in coaching NPC amateurs and IFBB Olympians.
Evidence-Based Training: Ground your coaching practices in scientific evidence while benefiting from the experiential insights of top-tier coaches.
Comprehensive Strategies: Master all aspects of physique coaching, from offseason strategies to peak week preparations and post-show recovery, ensuring your clients achieve their best performance on stage.
Enhanced Expertise: Gain advanced knowledge and practical skills to handle complex coaching scenarios, making you a more effective and confident coach.
Exclusive Recognition: Earn a credential that distinguishes you as a certified physique coach, increasing your visibility and credibility in the industry.
Build Your Reputation: Deliver exceptional results for your clients, enhancing your reputation and attracting more clients through word-of-mouth and referrals.
Exclusive Exposure: Be listed on J3 University as a credentialed coach, increasing your visibility and potential for attracting new clients.

Level 2 J3U-PC Course Overview

Week 1

Offseason Gains and Troubleshooting

In the first week, we dive into the critical phase of offseason gains and troubleshooting. This module is designed to help you maximize your clients' progress during the offseason, a pivotal time for building the foundation of their competitive physique. 

Through a series of detailed case studies, you will learn how to tailor your strategies to different types of competitors. 

You'll work with clients such as a Figure IFBB Pro, understanding the unique challenges they face, and transitioning a Men’s Physique IFBB Pro to Classic Physique, addressing the specific needs of bodybuilders at different levels. 

Additionally, you will explore troubleshooting techniques for common issues that may arise, ensuring you can keep your clients on track for success.

Week 2

Offseason Training Needs Analysis

The second week focuses on conducting a thorough training needs analysis, a vital step in designing effective training programs. 

You will learn to evaluate your clients' individual needs and create tailored training splits that address their specific goals and weaknesses. 

This week emphasizes the importance of integrating psychological considerations into exercise selection to optimize client motivation and adherence. 

Practical session preparation techniques will also be covered, helping you enhance the effectiveness of each training session and ensure your clients are getting the most out of their workouts.


Male Offseason Specificity: Push Phases

In week three, we delve into the specificity of male offseason training during push phases. 

This period is crucial for significant muscle growth and strength development. 

You will explore the unique demands of this phase through comprehensive case studies, including scenarios for Male Open Bodybuilders and those transitioning from Classic to Open Bodybuilding. 

The curriculum covers advanced strategies for maximizing gains while addressing potential obstacles that male competitors might encounter. 

This week equips you with the knowledge to push your clients safely and effectively towards their physique goals.

Week 4

Female Offseason Specificity: Applied PEDs

Week four addresses the sensitive and complex topic of performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) specifically for female competitors. 

You will learn about the safe and effective use of PEDs, managing client expectations, and differentiating PED protocols based on individual needs. 

This module includes case studies that highlight real-world applications, such as clients who do not fit ideal progress patterns and navigating the gap between ideal scenarios and real-world outcomes. 

Understanding how to apply these principles ensures you can support your female clients in achieving their best possible results while maintaining their health and well-being.

Week 5

Mini Cuts in the Offseason

The fifth week introduces the concept of mini cuts, short-term fat loss phases that help manage body composition and performance during the offseason. 

You will learn when and how to implement mini cuts effectively to prevent excessive fat gain and maintain metabolic health. 

Through detailed case studies, such as that of Christian Keuss, you will see the practical application of mini cuts and their impact on overall progress. 

This module provides you with the tools to strategically use mini cuts to keep your clients lean, healthy, and on track for their long-term goals.

Week 6

Pre-Prep Phase

In week six, you will delve into the pre-prep phase, a crucial transition period before the intense contest preparation begins. 

This phase focuses on setting up your clients for a successful prep by fine-tuning their training, nutrition, and recovery strategies. 

Through detailed case studies, including those of Classic Physique IFBB Pros, Bikini Amateur competitors, and Bodybuilder Amateurs, you will learn how to tailor pre-prep plans that address the unique needs of various competitors. 

This week equips you with the knowledge to ensure your clients enter the contest prep phase in optimal condition, ready to maximize their potential.

week 7

Full Male Contest Prep

Week seven covers the comprehensive process of prepping male competitors for contests. 

This module takes you through a full contest prep cycle, from the initial assessment to the final days before the show. You will explore various aspects such as lab assessments, PED escalation, fat loss adjustments, and managing fatigue. 

Through real-world examples, including handling water retention and untracked meals, you will learn how to navigate common challenges and fine-tune your strategies to ensure peak performance. 

This week prepares you to guide your male clients through every step of the contest prep journey.

week 8

Full Female Contest Prep

In week eight, the focus shifts to female contest prep, covering the unique considerations and challenges faced by female competitors. 

You will follow a detailed timeline from the initial assessment through to show day, learning to manage rapid weight drops, fat loss stalls, training adjustments, and refeeding strategies. 

This module provides insights into the specific needs of female competitors, including managing fatigue and lab work. 

By the end of this week, you will be equipped with the tools to support your female clients in achieving their best possible condition on stage.

week 9

Multiple Shows Back to Back

Week nine addresses the complexities of preparing clients for multiple shows in a short timeframe. 

This scenario requires careful planning and strategic adjustments to ensure consistent performance and peak condition across several events. 

Through case studies, you will learn how to manage the physical and psychological demands of back-to-back competitions. 

This week’s content is designed to help you keep your clients at their best, navigating the unique challenges that come with competing in multiple shows consecutively.

week 10

Extended Contest Preps

In week ten, you will explore the nuances of extended contest preparations. 

Some competitors may require longer prep periods to reach their peak condition, necessitating a different approach to training, nutrition, and recovery. 

This module provides insights into the strategies needed to sustain progress and motivation over an extended timeframe. 

Through case studies, you will see how to maintain client engagement and adjust plans to accommodate longer prep periods, ensuring optimal outcomes for extended contest preps.

Week 11

Peak Week with Making Weight

Week eleven is dedicated to peak week strategies, specifically for clients who need to make weight for their competition category. 

This critical week requires precise planning and execution to ensure clients achieve the required weight without compromising their performance. 

You will learn about the six steps to making weight, including detailed client overviews, and strategies for the final days before the show. 

This week equips you with the skills to manage weight cuts effectively, ensuring your clients are ready to perform at their best.

week 12

Peak Week without Weight Cap

In week twelve, you will focus on peak week strategies for clients who do not have a weight cap. 

This module covers different approaches to peak week planning, including back-loading strategies and meal adjustments to achieve the optimal look on show day. 

You will learn how to tailor your peak week plans to individual client needs, ensuring they arrive on stage in peak condition. 

Through detailed case studies, you will see the practical application of these strategies and gain the confidence to execute them effectively.

Week 13

Peak Week for Females

Week thirteen zeroes in on the unique considerations of peak week for female competitors. 

Female athletes often require different strategies compared to their male counterparts, and this module addresses those specific needs. 

You will follow a detailed timeline, from seven days out to show day, learning how to manage various factors such as hydration, carbohydrate loading, and fatigue. 

This week provides you with the knowledge to fine-tune your female clients’ peak week plans, ensuring they look their best on stage.

week 14

Post Show Phase

The final week, week fourteen, focuses on the post-show phase, a critical period for recovery and maintaining progress. 

This module covers strategies for managing rapid weight gain, psychological adjustments, and planning the next steps after competition. 

Through case studies, you will learn how to support your clients in transitioning smoothly from the intense contest prep period to a balanced post-show phase. 

This week ensures you can help your clients recover effectively while setting the stage for future success.

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