My Ready To Go 16-Week Hypertrophy Program Helping Male & Female Physique Competitors Build The Physique Of Champions, The X-Frame!

For Competitive & Non-competitive Bodybuilders, Figure & WPD.

For any physique competitor, or anyone looking to build a champion  physique…

The X-Frame is hard to beat!

Having a set of capped delts, wide lats, and sweeping legs all tied together by a tight wique like that won’t just turn heads…

Or command respect in the gym…

But can easily shock the judges…

And make a physique undeniable to move up the ranks.

Yet, a sculpted X-frame isn’t an easy feat.

Many will often spend years trying to build the X-frame but with zero success.

And I know why.

After speaking to so many IFBB Pros, men and women bodybuilders, physique competitors, and more…. they often make 3 common mistakes.

The Most Common Reasons Why The Elusive X-Frame Feels Out Of Reach.

Not training close to failure enough to create the stimulus needed to build more muscle.
Using cookie-cutter programs found online lacking sound science, poor exercise selection, zero recovery, the wrong volume, and lack phases for continuous progress.
Neglecting the power of waist training to nail the vacuum.

So if all these common mistakes rob those from achieving the X-frame…

What's the answer?

Well, you’re in luck.

By landing on this page, you’re about to put yourself at an unfair advantage with a program focused on building the X-Frame.

The X-Frame Hypertrophy Training: Scientifically Proven To Build The Hallmark X-Frame For Bodybuilders, Figure  and WPD Competitors

The X-Frame Hypertrophy Training is my battle-tested 16-week program for developing sweeping legs, capped delts, a tight waist, and wide lats.

I noticed a lot of poor advice from coaches who would often say:

Focus only on wide grip lat pulldowns for back width
Avoid squats like the plague as they’ll widen the waist.
Narrow squats are the only answer to sweeping legs.
Pressing overhead is the only answer to 3D delts.

So it’s no surprise to see physique competitors and bodybuilders struggling to build the X-Frame.

This program bridges that gap…

By blending both science and real-world experience to help develop The X-frame.

Broken Down Into 2 x 8-Week Phases For Maximum Growth…

Phase 1

Is all about getting those muscles primed and ready, progressively ramping up the intensity. 

We’ll be looking at increasing training to failure weekly.

And toward the end of week 8…

There will be added intensifiers to squeeze or even more volume, and get even closer to muscle failure.

Phase 2

Is where we ramp up the intensity and continue pushing progress harder.

We’ll be bumping up the volume by 20% to ensure the body responds by packing on slabs of quality muscle on the quads, delts. and lats.

This block will end with set intensifiers with drop sets for light

load metabolite accumulation and lead to a deload week.

But let's Not Forget About One Key Element Of The X-Frame…

A tighter waist.

It's where most eyes are drawn to

Whether on stage or on the beach

A small waist allows the arms, legs, and lats to be noticed.

Yet many don't know HOW to vacuum or train their waist.

They might even skip waist training completely.

So inside X-Frame Hypertrophy Training, I'll be sharing my methods to pull in a smaller waist with a daily 10-minute routine.

Simply watch the video…

Get practising…

And see the waist tighten up.

Bring everything together…

The X-Frame Hypertrophy Training covers the raw foundations of building the champion X-Frame.

My Name Is John Jewett, And The X-Frame Is A Program Built With Science.

The first thing you need to know about me is I’m not some “bro scientist” who pulls all his info from the latest bodybuilding magazine…

I’m a leading educator and authority who’s been fortunate to help thousands of people 
 through J3 University.

Over the years, I’ve taken to the stage myself at the Olympia level and worked with top bodybuilders, men's and women's physique competitors, and more to get into great shape. 
I noticed a trend of people asking how my clients were getting such a powerful X-frame…

So created a program pulled from a pool of data from advancing various physiques across the board. 

In other words, the program is built with ONLY the X-frame in mind…

Nothing else.

The X-Frame Physique Training Isn’t ANOTHER One And Done Program…

But an asset to competitive journeys.

Remember those workouts in magazines?

I do, and a bunch of them were one-shot ponies.

They were created to follow once.

Which would mean I’d bounce from program to program.

A terrible idea for building a great physique.

This is why with X-Frame Physique Training…

Progress doesn’t stop after 16-weeks!

You could wrap up the first 16 weeks, and decide to do a cut and go back through phase one.

Or go back through Phase 2 if you want to hone in on more muscle growth.

Yes, the workouts are pre-made - but they're created to ensure maximum gains while removing the guesswork!

You Also Get Video Walkthroughs With John Himself…

Forget guessing, unlike most Ebooks, we’re going deeper.

This is why those who join won’t just access a video library of John breaking down each exercise…

Including alternative exercises, and proper cueing.

But as part of the X-Frame Hypertrophy Physique Training, we’re also giving away access to our J3U forum community!

Where anyone can bring their questions to the table, and have John, Luke, and Daniel reply within 48 hours.

Here's What You Get
Instant Access To:

A complete 16-week training program created specifically for building wide lats, sweeping quads, capped delts and a tight waist
Strategically periodized training with built-in progression via volume, intensity, and load management
️Video library breaking down each exercise from cues to basic alternatives.
Pre-written workouts removing all the guesswork out of every workout.
My tips on nutrition and recovery tips to fuel maximum growth.

Get The Ready-To- Go Hypertrophy Program For Building The X-Frame For Less Than 2 Tubs Of Whey Protein…

Or  2 PT sessions…

Or a couple of take-out meals…

You can be well on your way to building that champion X-frame physique.

So how much is the X-Frame Hypertrophy Training?

The total price is $149

Think about that….

An evidence-based 16-week program geared towards…

Cannonball delts…

An eye-catching lat spread…

Sweeping legs...

And nailing a stomach vacuum for the trim waist.

That could save you months, or even years of trial and error!

But wait, there’s more!

Bonus 01 (Value $49)

Bodybuilding Guide To Successful Travel

Travelling can be a pain in the ass to maintain any sort of routine. So I'm sharing practical suggestions to take the stress out of staying on track on vacation/communicating.

Bonus 02 (Value $25)

One Month In The J3U Forum

We give our J3Uni students direct access to us where they can bring all their burning questions, and we’ll answer them all within 48 hours.

On The Fence? Let Me Remove All The Risk With a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

If in the unlikely event, you're not happy with the X-Frame Physique Training, I'll refund every penny you paid with a 30-day money-back guarantee! No jumping through hoops, just email me at john@j3university.com

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Here's What You Get Today

The 16-week program focused on building the X-Frame
Video library going through each exercise, including cues and variations
My favourite suggestions for optimal muscle growth.
Bonus #1 Bodybuilding Travel e-Book
Bonus #2 30 Days forum access

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, you can email me personally john@j3university.com and i will refund you the same day, no questions asked.

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