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Official J3U team member & part of J3U Coaching team, find out more at

J3U Student that has completed Level 1, Level 2 and passed a comprehensive exam to attain their certification.

Personal trainer & contest prep coach; 8 Overall wins in bikini, figure, wellness, women’s physique, classic physique, & open bodybuilding.

Online coach and educator that maps out nutrition, programming, and supplementation for all of the athletes she works with. She is also in the trenches competing in the Women’s Physique Division within the CPA

Online coach, educator & national level bodybuilder: My main goal is to create pros not only as athletes. I like to have my clients and take care of them like they are part of my family.

Online coach, educator & national level bodybuilder: Braeden brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team.

Along with a very impressive track record as an online coach, educator, and National Level bodybuilder.

Personal Trainer & Posing coach.
2 years of posing coaching.
Transformed the posing of over 800+ clients to date from all divisions. I help physique athletes show the best version of their physique.

Personal trainer & contest prep coach: I have been coaching online for 12 years now with lots of success including IFBB pro card wins in multiple divisions- bikini, figure and classic. I have had 3 athletes on the Olympia stage in figure, fitness and classic, with many more to come.

Personal trainer & contest prep coach.
B.S. Biobehavioral Nutrition and Wellness.
72 Coaching class wins.
24 overall wins 2019 - 2023.

Online coach, in person trainer, and an NPC Amateur Bodybuilder! Coming from being formerly obese, I specialize in transforming the body! Student of J3 University since September of 2021, and have completed all currently available J3U educational courses.

With over ten years of experience in fitness, I am a physique coach, classic physique competitor, personal trainer, and a nutritionist. I coach both men and women, helping them achieve their health and physique goals through tailored fitness and nutrition plans.

Owner of Team den Blanken, coached over 30,000 clients in total with his team.

Over 10+ years of Online coaching experience.