Episode 20: IFBB Pro Kuba Cielin: Maximizing the Post Show Rebound and Offseason

In this episode of J3 University, Luke and I are joined by IFBB Pro Kuba Cielin. Kuba had an phenomenal offseason pushing his body weight up to 267lbs and adding a solid 15-20lbs of stage weight in less than a year. We dive into Kuba’s meticulous and regimented approach to pull out all variables from nutrition, training, recovery, PEDs, to find out how to max out the offseason progression with leaving nothing on the table. If you want to know how to handle you post show period and move through offseason back into a prep, this episode is for you.


Kuba Cielin Offseason- 00:00:23

Holding/Maintenance phase before starting prep- 00:04:55

Recovery phase out of prep- 00:11:59

Schedule/Routine in offseason- 00:19:08

PEDS moving in to offseason- 00:21:16

Training volume- 00:23:06

Changes to training- 00:32:12

Rate of weight gain post show- 00:38:34

Lab Work/Daily monitoring, starting PED cycle- 00:50:42

Managing all variables for optimal results- 00:59:12

Pushing food in offseason/staying active in offseason- 01:02:39

Wrap Up- 01:09:

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