Episode 21: IFBB Pro Hunter Labrada: Growing into the 2021 Chicago Pro

In this episode of J3 University, Luke and I are joined by IFBB Pro Hunter Labrada who is 1 week out from the 2021 Chicago Pro. Hunter has made massive improvements in his back development after the 2020 Olympia, so we dive into Hunter’s training approach and how he restructured his training to bring up the back side.

Hunter Labrada Social Media: 
YouTube: Labrada Nutrition
Instagram: @hunterlabrada


Hunter Labrada Intro- 00:00:16

Physique analysis for the 2020 Olympia- 00:03:24

Growing during Contest Prep- 00:10:41

Training set up after Olympia- 00:13:32

Fatigue Management and exercise selection to bring up back- 00:21:29

Emotional attachment to certain lifts- 00:31:34

Progression in the gym at the end of prep- 00:41:08

Peak week training split- 00:46:42

Where to follow Hunters prep- 00:51:50

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