Episode 27: IFBB Pro Chris Tuttle: Coaching Struggles and Athlete Mindset

In this episode of J3 University, Luke and I are joined by IFBB Pro and Registered Dietitian Chris Tuttle. Chris is well known for coaching high level competitors and many general wellness clients and with that comes many struggles. We dive into what the common issues are Chris comes across when getting a client on boarded, setting expectations, strengthening the mind, and getting more out of your client. We also touch on some health care issues and issues seen within PED usage amongst competitors.


Chris Tuttle Intro- 00:00:15

Managing Expectations of competitors- 00:04:19

Mental Mindset- 00:12:17

Client communication- 00:16:16

Using your coach as a scapegoat- 00:19:26

Building in autonomy to client’s plan- 00:24:14

How coaching has changed- 00:27:49

Clients health, medical access & budgeting- 00:33:27

Believing in the process- 00:43:27

Female PED use- 00:46:23

Understanding physique progression and competition lineup- 00:50:00

Where to find more on Chris Tuttle- 01:09:38

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