Episode 32: Why Your Gains Are Lacking in the Offseason

In this episode of J3 University, Luke and I discuss common reasons offseason progress is lacking for many. We look into laying out the timeline of an offseason for planning purposes Also, strategies to keep you adherent, consistent and trouble shoot the common offseason issues that occur.


Podcast Intro- 00:00:15

Mapping out offseason timeline- 00:00:58

Keeping structure in the offseason- 00:04:35

Working on Mobility and function- 00:10:52

Diminishing pumps, insulin sensitivity and recovery- 00:16:46

Managing digestion as food increases- 00:22:02

Diet adherence and flexibility- 00:32:31

Extending ability to drive food up- 00:42:29

Extra Rest days and Deloads- 00:44:50

Wrap Up- 00:48:50

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