Episode 38: What is a “Gaintain” Phase?

In this episode of J3 University, Luke and I discuss the transition phases between
muscle accrual and fat loss phases. The “gaintain” or holding phase is a phase to
cement progress from a previous phase and potentate the results moving into the next
phase. We cover why to do this phase, when to do it, and how to do it. This is the phase
that can make or break so many lacking the motivation to keep executing at a high
level, dive into this episode to learn more.

Variables that end a push phase and the purpose of ‘Gaintaining’- 00:01:21
Should training change during this phase? – 00:06:29
Does this phase cement muscle gain? – 00:08:01
What justifies a holding phase? – 00:12:05
PED Manipulation-00:16:47
How long should this phase last? – 00:20:14
Should cardio adjustments be made?- 00:24:01
Upholding training during this phase- 00:30:00
What food to pull down?- 00:35:33
Wrap up- 00:37:20

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