Episode 39: IFBB Pro Cory Hageman: Challenges of Bikini

In this episode of J3 University, Luke and I are joined by IFBB Pro Cory Hageman to discuss her journey
through the bikini ranks. Cory has arrived at a place of self-coaching at the highest level and she explains
how she got to this point and what it takes to execute at this level. This episode is filled with some great
tips for any competitor, but especially for the bikini division.

Introducing guest IFBB Pro Cory Hageman- 00:00:15
Missing the mark & The Biggest Challenge- 00:05:53
How did you start Self Coaching? – 00:07:27
Unique Bikini Challenges- 00:13:34
Challenges of Post Show- 00:19:46
Can you improve without an offseason? – 00:25:39
Negative Adaptations caused by prep- 00:29:05
Bikini Training & Misconceptions- 00:34:46
Self-Coaching changes & plans for this season- 00:47:18
Prep Timeline Set-Up- 00:53:01
Fatigue & Recovery Management- 00:58:01
Where to find Cory- 01:07:03
Instagram- @cory_fit
Email- info@coryfit.com

Episode Available On: YouTube, Spotify, Google Play, iTunes
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