Episode 40: Getting Too Fat? Lets Mini-Cut!

In this episode of J3 University, Luke and I discuss the ins and outs of implementing mini cuts. Often we
see offseason get into subpar territory with body fat levels getting too high and we need a phase to knock
off some fat and regain offseason traction. This same phase might be in place as a prep before a contest
prep if not in a good spot. Join us for a listen as we cover how and when to set this up.

Purpose of a Mini Cut- 00:00:25
Duration and Timeline to implement- 00:07:16
When NOT to use a Mini Cut- 00:13:05
Timeline dependent and Needs based scenarios- 00:15:58
Anabolics and Fat Loss Agents during Mini Cut? – 00:21:00
Macro adjustments during this phase- 00:25:57
Cardio and Activity management- 00:29:58
Aggressive Mini Cut- 00:33:17
Wrap Up- 00:37:48

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