Episode 15: Dr. Gabrielle Fundaro: Gut Health Myths and Practical Applications: Team Eat Fiber!

In this episode of J3 University, Luke and I are joined by Dr. Gabrielle Fundaro to discuss what gut health actually means currently and a framework to navigate through what is acceptable GI function and what is true dysfunction. She address fiber and probiotic under and over usage and what we should really be putting stock in. Dr. Fundaro address some of the common issues we see in the physique realm and how to dress those issues with some solid recommendations for coaches and athletes.

Dr. Fundaro holds a PhD. In Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise. ACE Certified Health Coach and Board Member of National Coaching Global Mastermind and Sports Nutrition Association.

You can follow and learn more from Dr. Fundaro at:

Instagram: @vitaminphd

Website: vitaminphdnutrition.com

Website: btgcomprehensivecoaching.com


Intro Dr. Gabriel Fundaro- 00:00:29

Dr. Fundaros High fat feeding on hypertrophy study- 00:02:67

Gut Health Framework- 00:06:19

Disease and Gut Health Association- 00:12:32

Research knowledge in to application- 00:18:21

Probiotics and Fiber in Bodybuilders- 00:21:63

Bloat and Gas with Fiber- 00:24:15

Handling individuals that have high food volume- 00:32:34

Greens Powder and Fiber Supplements– 00:37:12

Eating cold or reheated food- 00:44:31

Issues that come up with Contest prep- 00:48:40

Recommendations for coaches- 01:02:38

Wrap Up, where to find Dr. Fundaro- 01:13:59

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