Episode 22: Joe Jeffrey- Post Show Phase Recovery and Offseason Potentiation

In this episode of J3 University, Luke and I are joined by Joe Jeffrey to discuss the
transition from contest prep into the offseason. The post show period is vulnerable time
for rapid fat gain and in the presence of high levels of fatigue. The approach discusses
will cover how to set up diet, training, cardio, health markers and PEDs from prep into
post show and what that progression of all variable should be as we phase into the
Joe Jeffrey is an online physique coach with physique collective specializing in physique
For more information on Joe Jeffrey:
Instagram: @Joe_physiquecollective
Website:  www.physiquecollective.com

Joe Jeffrey Intro- 00:00:16
First week post show set up- 00:04:57
Post show body fat/weight re-gain – 00:10:58
Prep Duration- 00:23:41
Training/Programming moving in to Offseason- 00:27:29
PED changes post show- 00:32:00
Changes to T3 post show- 00:37:40
Changes to Clen post show- 00:40:54
Changes to Growth Hormone/Insulin- 00:42:08
Lab work post show- 00:51:03
Wrap Up- 01:05:50

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