Episode 23: Dr. Greg Potter: Sleep Optimization for the Physique Competitor

In this episode of J3 University, Luke and I are joined by sleep expert Dr. Greg Potter. Sleep is our number one recovery tool for physique enhancement, so not getting enough puts a large damper on fat loss, muscle building, but also health outcomes. Dr. Potter give the run down on why we need sleep, what good sleep looks like, and gives a framework of how a healthy sleep routine should be designed with takeaways to problem solve common sleep issues.

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Greg Potter Intro- 00:00:26

Importance of sleep for physique competitors- 00:02:25

Defining sleep deprived- 00:07:43

Sleep timing/quality- 00:14:38

Assessing your sleep- 00:18:35

Light Exposure/Training Timing- 00:26:48

Mental Stress/Caffeine Intake/Meal Timing- 00:33:60

CBD/THC- 00:40:43

Dawn and Dusk; spending time outdoors to improve sleep- 00:46:63

Setting up your bedroom for sleep quality- 00:57:30

Wrap Up- 01:05:02

Dr. Potters Contact/Social Media- 01:07:43

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