Episode 24: Hypertrophy Training: Why Your Quads are NOT Growing

In this episode of J3 University, Luke and I cover hypertrophy training surrounding Quad development. We all want massive quad sweeps, but to make that happen when need the right arsenal of exercises to do so. Luke and I cover optimizing squat patterns for the quads and how to pick a pattern within your ability. We break down the leg press, singe leg squat variations and leg extension. Finally tie all this back in to how to program your full quad session.


Quad anatomy, exercise selection and alignment- 00:06:50

Squat Patterns for Quads- 00:11:39

Developing full musculature to correct squat pattern- 00:17:28

Cuing for foot pressure in squats- 00:19:16

Hack Squat- 00:21:34

Safety Squat, High Bar Squat and Smith Squat- 00:25:25

Toe Position for Quad Activation- 00:30:17

Leg Press- 00:32:06

Leg Extension- 00:39:22

Lunges and Bulgarian Split Squat- 00:44:44

Wrap Up-00:49:36

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