Episode 25: AJ Morris: Peaking Naturals Without Diuretics

In this episode of J3 University, Luke and I are joined by Natural Pro Bodybuilder AJ Morris. With the latest topic in the bodybuilding world being the danger surrounding diuretic usage Luke and I wanted to explore how a natural pro handles peak week manipulations. AJ is known for bring himself and clients in peeled to stage, so natural or enhanced this approach spans to the enhanced crowd as well. We cover everything from water, electrolyte, carb loading, fat loading, veggies and supplement manipulations.

AJ Morris Social Media:

Instagram- @ajmorris_

YouTube- AJ Morris


Introducing AJ Morris- 00:00:22

Driving up offseason bodyweight- 00:05:32

Diuretic use and water manipulation- 00:10:08

AJ Morris peak week approach- 00:14:15

Sodium, Potassium, Electrolytes- 00:18:32

What instances do you adjust fluid intake- 00:25:22

Holding ‘the look’- 00:29:03

Restricting water to hold ‘the look’ on show day- 00:41:10

Backstage Pump Up- 00:48:05

Herbal Diuretics- 00:55:25

Vegetables/Fiber near show time- 00:59:35

Linear Loading- 01:07:00

Where to find AJ Morris- 01:16:30

Wrap Up- 01:18:11

Episode Available On: YouTube, Spotify, Google Play, iTunes

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