Episode 29: Sarena Sloot: HRT for the Female Competitor

In this episode of J3 University, Luke and I are joined by NPC Wellness Competitor and Nurse Practitioner, Sarena Sloot. Sarena provides patient care at an HRT clinic and well versed in treating the issues surrounding the female competitor. We dive into what is normal menstrual cycle, spotting irregularity and what to do about it. What issues arise moving through a contest prep and post show period regarding the female endocrine system. Finally, what is a starting point to enhance a female under a safer use PED model.


Episode Intro- 00:00:25

Perimenopause Female Competitors- 00:02:19

PMS Symptoms and Normal Cycles- 00:06:05

Areas to address before HRT- 00:10:45

Loss of menstrual cycle, Hormone Panels & Estrogen- 00:16:65

Forms of Application for Estrogen Based Replacement- 00:26:52

Actions of Hormones and Deployment- 00:32:15

Deploying AI- 00:40:09

HRT as a starting point- 48:17:09

Birth Control- 00:50:15

Where to find Serena- 01:01:22

Sarena Social Media:

IG: @np_rena_lifts

Clinic: @totalcareclinics

Episode Available On: YouTube, Spotify, Google Play, iTunes

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