Episode 34: Dr. Eric Helms and Laurin Conlin: Female Post Contest Recovery

In this episode of J3 University, Luke and I are joined by Dr. Eric Helms and Laurin Conlin for a discussion on how to recover females from the rigors of Contest Prep. We cover how setting up a client before a prep even begins is crucial in the prep and post contest phases. What happens physiologically and psychological over a prep and what are the issues entering the post show period to resolve. Within the post show period we aim to transition clients from a regimented approach to a more sustainable one and discuss the strategies used to do so.


Introducing Eric Helms & Laurin Conlin- 00:00:14

Energy Availability/Metabolic Adaptation- 00:01:58

Setting yourself up for a successful prep- 00:08:59

Menstrual cycle return post dieting- 00:15:50

Post Show and Long term planning- 00:19:18

The first weeks Post Show and Recovery Diet- 00:26:20

Training Performance and Body Image- 00:40:50

Sustainable Approach- 00:52:07

Where to find Laurin Conlin and Eric Helms- 01:04:27

Laurin Conlin:
Podcast: The LoCoFit Show

Eric Helms:
Podcast: Iron Culture

Episode Available On: YouTube, Spotify, Google Play, iTunes

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