Episode 45 High Risk PED Timestamps

In this episode of J3 University, Luke and I break down the cycle of 4 male IFBB Pros that were sent in to us.  We have a cycle from each male division and look at the good and the bad of each one. We give some take away points on once you are at an advanced level of PED usage.


High Risk Case #1

Cycle Layout Men’s Physique Pro- 00:05:05

  • Test Dose and Ester association- 00:06:29
  • Trenbolone Dose- 00:11:04
  • Masteron and Primobolan- 00:13:26
  • Oral combination: Anavar, Winstrol, Halo- 00:15:16

Growth Hormone- 00:18:43

Upper Limit of Dosing- 00:19:39

High Risk Case #2

Cycle Layout Classic Physique Pro- 00:20:38

Start Point/High Point of Orals- 00:22:43

  • Trenbolone Dose- 00:26:47
  • Tren Ester’s- 00:29:01

High Risk Case #3

Cycle Layout Open Bodybuilder Pro-00:30:53

  • Letrozole- 00:34:47
  • Dianabol and Anadrol- 00:36:05
  • Growth Hormone- 00:39:34

Stack Design for Health and Outcome for the stage look- 00:42:58

Reasonable Case #4

Cycle Layout Classic Physique Pro- 00:46:34

  • Anadrol Dose- 00:48:34
  • Growth Hormone and Metformin- 00:50:30

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